The three favourite clubs to win the 2013/14 Premier League are in order: Chelsea at 2/1; Manchester City at 12/5; and Manchester United at 5/2. If you drill a little deeper into the order then the fourth favourite is Arsenal at 10/1 followed by Liverpool at 33/1 and Tottenham at 40/1. If you think that this year a lower ranked club will make it to the top, now is the ideal opportunity to back your hunch. If you are really willing to take a wild bet, then you can find Everton priced as long as 500/1.

So what are the realistic chances that one of these lower order teams such as Everton will really make it this time? The question is how much will Everton be handicapped by the loss of David Moyes to Manchester United. Roberto Martinez, Everton’s new boss, last season saw his team Wigan being relegated, so in terms of previous performances doesn’t seem to be the right boss to take Everton to the top; on the other hand he might be even more driven at the helm of his new club. Even so, at 500/1 this is a better bet than you can typically find at an online casino.

For taking you mind off the pre-season pressure as you choose your betting strategies for 2013/14 there are few things better than playing a football themed slots game at your best online casino. One that is proving to be very popular is the game called “Game On”. In some ways this might seem a little surprising as rather than being a complex five reel game with twenty or so paylines there are just three reels an a single payline; but the game is in fact all the better for than along with its £10,000 jackpot which is awarded when you spin three world cups.