Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has blamed Luis Suarez as one of the main reasons for Kenny Dalglish’s sacking after a highly controversial season. Despite being one of the legends at Liverpool, Kenny Dalglish failed to inspire the club beyond an eighth place finish last season. Even though he helped the club win the Carling cup – their first major trophy after six seasons, it was not enough to save his job after the Liverpool owners decided to act in order to help the club reach the Champions League football this season. Brendan Rodgers was appointed as the replacement for Kenny Dalglish.

Sir Alex Ferguson has said that the way Kenny Dalglish handled the race issue surrounding Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez was largely responsible for his downfall at the club. Even though Luis Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra, Kenny Dalglish decided to support him all along the way. This led to intense criticism from both the owners of the club and also the media. This led to a public apology from Kenny Dalglish. Ferguson believes that this incident was the first major downfall for Kenny Dalglish, while the poor form shown by the club in the league was another major reason.

“I wasn’t surprised at Kenny leaving. (Liverpool owner) John Henry has obviously looked at that (the Suarez incident) and felt it wasn’t handled in the right way. It certainly wasn’t a nice thing to happen and it must have been part of it. It was nothing to do with Manchester United. It wasn’t Evra’s contribution, it wasn’t Suarez’s contribution. What killed Suarez was the guy who explained the cultural differences,” said Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferguson has always had an intense rivalry with Liverpool managers. However, he has been least successful against Kenny Dalglish and would be happy to see his back.