Luiz Suarez recently scored four goals in the match against Norwich to become the first Premier league player to register a hat-trick against one club on three occasions. The striker has scored three or more goals in the last three times against Norwich. He began the match on Wednesday with a wonderful long-range effort that came out of the blue. He then scored from a corner to get his second of the night, while his hat-trick came from a fierce shot just outside the box.

He completed the rout with a wonderful freekick from just outside the box. After the encounter, Brendan Rodgers said that the Uruguay striker and Liverpool complement each other perfectly well. Suarez has been heavily linked with moves from Liverpool, but the former Swansea manager believes that the 26-year-old is at the best place to improve even further. As a result of the four goals, the Uruguay striker has now become the top scorer in the league. He has overtaken Daniel Sturridge and Sergio Aguero to claim this position.

“He is really happy here. He is playing with a smile and enthusiasm. The whole profile of the club fits him perfectly. The supporters idolise him and you can see the connection there. Everything about him is just world class. If you look at the world-class performers at the top of the game their numbers are just exceptional and that is the level he is at. To miss the first four games of the season and to be on the number of goals he is now is a wonderful return,” said Rodgers.

This campaign, he has managed to score 13 goals in just 10 matches. The injury to Sturridge means that the pressure will now entirely fall upon Suarez, but it seems that he is more than capable of handling it.