Luis Suarez still denies the accusation that he used racial profanity against Patrice Evra. Suarez was banned for eight matches after the incident which happened in 2011.

Suarez insists that he didn’t use racist swear words in the quarrel that took place between him and Evra. Though he was penalized, Suarez is still saying that Evra doesn’t have proof to substantiate his accusation.

Suarez admits to have broken some rules before for which he was penalized but says that Evra’s accusation against him is entirely baseless. He said that he regrets his past mistakes but the racism accusation against him is entirely untrue. He said that as the allegation was made without any supporting evidence, he felt greatly dejected.

Suarez also thinks that being called a racist is a stigma that would continue to torment him for the rest of his life. Suarez was critical of the way his club Liverpool handled the issue.

Suarez said that he only came to know about the accusation when the contemporary director of football of Liverpool informed him about the complaint being made against him. He said that he couldn’t talk to the referee in this regard because he doesn’t speak English.

Suarez said that he did use the term “Negro” during the argument but it was not used in any racist context. He said that the Spanish connotation of the word doesn’t have a racist angle. He said that he was astonished at first when he came to know about the allegation being made against him. The tension between the two players became apparent once again when Suarez declined shaking hands with Evra.

Suarez expressed his gratitude for his team and its manager Kenny Dalglish for supporting him throughout the phase. He said that Liverpool supported him not because they needed to but because they knew that Suarez as an individual is not at all likely to use racist profanity against another person.