The Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has said that he is currently playing in England because of the Manchester city striker Carlos Tevez. The Uruguay striker has said that the Argentine striker is the one person who showed him that he will be able to survive in the Premier league, despite not having the huge physical stature. It is often a preconceived notion that strikers should be extremely well built and highly physical in order to survive in the Premier league. However, Carlos Tevez has been able to bring that notion by playing as the lone striker for Manchester city before the arrival of Mario Balotelli.

The Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has said that he drew his inspiration from Carlos Tevez before completing his £ 24 million move to Anfield. Luis Suarez has been a huge hit at Merseyside after he has scored numerous goals for the club, while he has been able to lead the line alone. Speaking ahead of the match with Manchester city during the weekend, the 25-year-old has said that he cannot wait to beat Manchester city and ensure that Liverpool make a good start to the season. The club was defeated 3-0 by West Brom on the opening day of the season.

“I watched Tevez when I was playing in Holland and I could see he was doing really well. His success was one of the things which motivated me to come here. I thought that if Tevez could do really well, then I could do too as I have a similar physical stature. I play football in a different way. I love it and put 100 per cent into it but I recognise sometimes this leads to unusual behaviour,” said Luis Suarez ahead of the match with the Premier league champions Manchester city on Sunday.