Arsenal received Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium as they had to play for the FA Cup and goals from Oxlade-Chamberlain and Podolski cancelled out the penalty kick that Gerrard scored which ultimately finished up with Arsene Wenger and his men claiming the victory as they knocked out Liverpool from the FA Cup.


The referee of that match was Howard Webb and he is once more at the center of the media spotlight as he denied Luis Suarez from what appeared to be a clear penalty as the Uruguayan forward was brought down by Oxlade-Chamberlain but Webb waved away the pleas for the penalty and allowed the match to continue.


When the game concluded, the former Liverpool player John Alridge stated that Howard Webb should take a permanent rest from being a referee.

“I was still angry about Howard Webb’s woeful decisions from the Chelsea game in December. I was still furious that he didn’t award a penalty when Luis Suarez was brought down in the area, and seething that he failed to send Samuel Eto’o off for a career-threatening tackle on Jordan Henderson.

“So the events of Sunday afternoon at the Emirates Stadium left me raging. Webb gets too many big decisions wrong’’. Alridge stated.

The Uruguayan recently forward of Liverpool spoke about the injuries that some players have been suffering that will leave them out of the 2014 World Cup with Falcao and Walcott being some of the more obvious ones and Suarez confessed that he is afraid of sustaining some injuries of his own that may leave him out of the upcoming competition.

“The truth is that I am scared of what happened to Falcao and Walcott. But you live in the present and you always give your best for your club, you can’t be thinking about that all the time. It is a unique opportunity and we all want to be there, but I prefer to focus my mind on the English league. The moment to think about the national team will arrive later.” Suarez admitted.