Liverpool’s contract with players have been making headlines all over the world due to the clauses that Anfield agree to or put in deals.

The Reds’ deal with Brazilian forward Roberto Firmino is the latest to be revealed by Football Leaks and Belgian news outlet, Le Soir.

The release clause for the player is reportedly £82 million but the Merseyside ensured that Premier League rivals Arsenal would not be able to activate it. The 25-year old forward joined Liverpool in 2015 for £29 million but his impressive contributions to the current squad under Coach Jurgen Klopp ensured the club took steps to tie him down.
Firmino has netted 17 times and has provided 17 assists to teammates after 64 games for Liverpool. The current clause of the player would surely keep interested parties at bay with the high figure attached.

The clause added to bar Arsenal is a cheeky response to the Gunners attempt at luring former striker Luis Suarez in 2013. Whilst the release clause was £40 million for the Uruguay international, manager Arsene Wenger sanctioned a bid of £40m + £1 for the player, believing they triggered the clause which ever way. That allowed them to enter talks with the then troubled but still very talented player, angering Liverpool.

Liverpool chair John W Henry tweeted a famed response on the subject: “What do you think they are smoking over at the Emirates?” The Reds ignored the offer and the player eventually left the set-up as he joined Barcelona where he has been exceptional ever since.

Football Leaks leaked series of clients’ deals of Jorges Mendes’ agency Gestifute – a firm that handles some of the biggest deals in football like Red Devils coach Jose Mourinho and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Both persons are reportedly enmeshed in tax evasion which they have denied.