Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet believes that his club has the resources to go all the way and win the title.

He believes that they have the necessary quality as well as the strength in depth to challenge the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal for the title.

Simon Mignolet said that Liverpool is a much better side than the one in 2013-2014 where Manchester City beat them in the race to the title. He stated that at this point they were reliant on Luis Suarez and that the current team has a current philosophy.

He said that Luis Suarez was the main reason why they were able to compete back then as he was at the top of his game. The Uruguay international was not only scoring many goals, but he was also creating them for the likes of Sturridge as well as Sterling.

Simon Mignolet believes that the current side is made up of different quality players and that they play as a team. He admitted that the team with Suarez would have suffered if ever the Uruguay international was injured but not his current side. He stated that pundits were saying that Liverpool will suffer from the absence of Philip Coutinho but the side managed to win games and get positive results while the attacking midfielder was out of the team.

Simon Mignolet believes that Liverpool has a great chance to win the title and that they will need to remain consistent until the end of the season. He believes that the title will be decided in the matches against the top 6 teams and so far they have not done badly. He wants the fans to remain behind the team and support them for the remaining matches so that they can mount a serious challenge for the title.