It has been made clear by the top brass of Barcelona that there is absolutely no possibility of the club disassociating itself from the Spanish top tier.

If Catalonia manages to achieve the status of an independent country which it is battling for at the moment, Barcelona will no longer be a Spanish city.

And since La Liga is a competition for Spanish clubs, Barcelona may not be given the permission to keep taking part in it and that’s something that the chairman of the league has already stated publicly.

However the media house which has got global broadcasting rights of La Liga believes that Barcelona’s removal from the league will not benefit the league at all.

According to one of the higher authorities of that media house called mediapro, the presence of Barcelona as well as Real Madrid is an absolute must for the good health of La Liga. It’s very hard to even imagine the league without one of these two clubs

The kind of enmity that they share, it attracts the audience from every corner of the world. People desperately wait for Clasicos. In the absence of Clasicos, the Spanish League may as well go on to lose its significance.

Josep Maria Bartomeu who chairs the board of Barcelona also has the same thoughts as he reckons it’s in the interests of both Barcelona and La Liga to remain associated with each other.

Bartomeu while addressing to the Barcelona employees recently stressed that they shouldn’t worry about the future of the club as it is certain that the club would play in Spanish top tier regardless of whatever happens in terms of Catalonia’s separation.

This assurance would surely have provided some relief to Barcelona faithful all over the world.