History has it that Arsenal is the nursery were great stars who will wow the world at Barcelona are trained and groomed, From ex-France International, Thiery Henry to Belgian International, Thomas Vermaleen. The Gunners grown a trade for indeed churning out world class players

Those were the days though. Since the coming of age of the Invincible till they all departed Highbury, failing to conquer Europe at the height of their powers, the Gunners have underdone almost two decades of disappointments and shortcomings arising from lack of strong figures in the dressing room and a capable hand on the touch line.

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has since taken the role of Captain after the altercation that happened between Granit Xhaka and Unai Emery after the Switzerland International repudiated being substituted in the match against Crystal Palace. This impudence saw him stripped of captaincy and the former Borussia’s sensation handed down the role.

It is not all Gunz n Roses for arguably the best international export to come out of Gabon besides their oil. Although the former Dortmund man arrived England from Germany as a well-known proven striker, his team’s inability to move forward or make any meaningful progress has left many people questioning his exact impact.

With news making the rounds, its possible the Spanish giant will want to open a big offer for the Gunners man considering his ubiquitous talents as a target. Hoping they can sign him to cover up for already ageing Luis Suarez.

This is a huge testament for the respect and regard Aubameyang has commanded should the news be remotely true. For all the talk about Suarez slowing down owing to age, Auba is not much of a youngster either. The only way to explain Barca’s pursuit is that the Gabonese is just good at what he does and Barca knows it.